DHL eCommerce, one of the divisions of DHL, is a world leader in both domestic and international parcel delivery, helping businesses grow within and beyond borders.With over 35,000 people moving more than a billion parcels each year, you’ll find Certified eCommerce Specialists all across Europe, North America, Asia and India, delivering excellence all over the globe..

Neoen is a specialist, independent power producer with a long-term vision that translates into a strategy to produce renewable, competitively-priced energy, sustainably and on a large scale. Our total capacity in operation or under construction is currently close to 7.2 GW and we are aiming for more than 10 GW by 2025, with the ambition to reach 20 GW by 2030.

DAMAC Properties August 2017 Global Channel Partner: To promote anywhere in the World. “AYKON CITY” Project. AKOYA OXYGEN & TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF CLUB by DAMAC has over 70 Projects in Dubai and few in GCC and UK.

radeling is the one-stop B2B marketplace for all your bulk purchasing needs. Find the right products. Negotiate prices and close deals. All in one place. We make every transaction fully secure. Suppliers and buyers agree Tradeling is the globally interconnected B2B marketplace with wholesale prices that cannot be beaten..

HNCC Trading LLC, Trading division is a part of HNCC Group of Companies fulfilling the requirements of the Power & Telecom sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates by supplying materials to many prestigious projects in the Government, Semi-Government and Private Sector. We are supplier of materials to such prestigious clients like, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Alfanar Company, SSEM, Al-Toukhi, Cogelex, ABB & Siemens, Al-Babtain Contracting Co. & Al.Gihaz Holding, to name a few.

Realigns Pharmaceuticals strategic partner Bio Science factory trade name Bio-Sierra for Manufacturing, R&D Laboratory for Healthcare, Skincare and Supplements that incorporate Thai herbs and Western ingredients We produce international brand Dellameria all product range, using Thai herbal ingredients from our farm to combine with raw materials from the East, we have researched the best and the best quality from all over the world. Following new innovations. Imported from abroad International Research reports and certifications.


Rayyan Air is a Pakistani airline based in Pakistan and the UAE. Rayyan Air hold Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority air operator certificate alongside charter licence for passenger, cargo and charter operations.

Sky Way Invest Group is a trademark of the company, which is a training and information project that provides training in personal finance, investment, investment, preservation and augmentation of capital, selection of optimal tools for the investment portfolio, Internet and business-business, and personal development.

Creating the Sky Way Invest Group brand, we set ourselves the goal of uniting projects: a training project for investing the Private Investor Academy and a high-tech project of Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Ltd, so that absolutely every person of our planet could study the science of investment, increase their income level and use high-speed safe and environmentally friendly transport.

Kena Roots is a well-established, natural topical therapeutic manufacturing company, that aims to become a global leader in the market of optimized therapies for wide range of topical therapeutics in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. Kena Roots is developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of innovative, unique and clinically proven products, cover a lot of diseases and especially some rare and complicated dermatological diseases like Vitiligo, Psoriasis and Alopecia.

Natalis The Natural Birth Concept Natalis birth gel is a gel specially developed to facilitate vaginal delivery. It is applied during normal delivery to protect the pelvic floor and the perineal area, facilitating birth for the mother and baby. Natalis birth gel creates a lubricating membrane in the birth canal, reducing the friction between the child and the vaginal birth canal.

PHARMALYS- SWITZERLAND infant formulas are based on the latest researches and are produced under strict GMP / BRC regulations using fresh milk from Swiss cows.

Pharmalys Laboratories vision is to maintain the company’s core values, to stimulate continuous progress through investment in human resources, strategic alliances and exceptional high service to local affiliates.

GIAM- Strategic PartnerITALY We are an Italian manufacturer of nutraceuticals – natural/herbal products and dietary supplements, medical devices, and also of eco-cosmetics.
Our distribution networks extends all over Italy, Europe and also MENA countries.

AWTAD COSMETICS & CHEMICALS- JORDAN (JV Partner/ Strategic Partner REALIGNS PHARMACEUTICAL., COMPANY) has developed hundred of formulations and products that are available to you as a private label partner or as a basis in custom contract manufacturing solutions and services. You have the ability to partner with Awtad in developing products via our proprietary manufacturing process or we can take your formulas through our rigorous comprehensive quality assurance testing and manufacture your products to the highest quality and set standards unprecedented by any of the competition. Awtad knows how to provide variety of other health related products that take advantage of the current health industry trends.

APCO- THAILAND Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited. is a technologically advanced company that specializes in the manufacture of dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care products developed from natural plant and botanical extracts. Its goal is the complete integration of key business functions including research and development, manufacturing and distribution of its products for both domestic and international markets.

APCO was awarded three prestigious awards by the Stock Exchange of Thailand: Best Company Performance Award 2015.

June 24, 2015 – APCO was listed by Forbes magazine as Asia’s 200 Best under A Billion Company.

“We are so proud of Thai researchers for this valuable discovery. Starting from the GM-1 discovery, our researchers mixed it with natural extracts from guava, black sesame, soybeans and Asiatic Pennywort. Thanks to their knowledge, and more than 30 years of experience and creativity, they discovered that the BIM formulation (which has subsequently been named Th PLUS Capsules), is effective in achieving Balanced Immunity, without any side effects. We believe this will help enhance the quality of life of cancer patients.”

GRICAR- ITALY Established in 1970 and with more than 40 Years experience Gricar Chemical with the commercial division has become a strong and reliable leader in the manufacture and distribution of phytotherapic and dietetic food supplement with its own brand name . Gricar Chemical srl operates in conformity to the HACCP system (DL n. 193 of the year 2007, 6th on November “implementing Directive 2004/41/EC concerning food safety and implementing European Community regulations in this sector”), and this guarantees hygiene and safety to our production processes.

The company has also achieved the authorization by Italian Minister of Health to produce food supplement products (DL no. 111/ and Normative 283/62). Moreover the company achieved UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certification in 2002 as a further guarantee of reliability on each department: Research&Development, Production Dep., Puchasing Dep., Quality Control, Sales Dep. and Storehouse.

INPHA- ITALY Our company’s mission is inspired by three principles: SCIENCE – HEALTH – NATURE.

In fact we operate according to scientific criteria, using bioactive substances that have a scientifically proven activity in order to realize efficient and safe nutraceuticals that allow us to achieve our goals: “live longer in good health” and “improve our quality of life”.

At every level we choose coherent, transparent and ethical behaviors following the rules and principles of social responsibility and enviromental sustainability.

We work according to very high manufacturing and raw materials selection standards: we only use raw materials selected and produced according to rigorous standards and we work with suppliers authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health that operate according to certified standards. The raw materials undergo controls that concern microbiological contamination and harmful substances pollution in order to guarantee the highest safety to the consumer and the best raw material quality. Special care is reserved to quality control, applied to each batch and to annual auditing among third parties.

PROPIEL Group- SPAIN has been created in order to meet the demands and needs of people suffering from skin conditions.

PROPIEL GROUP is made up three companies whose common and sole objective is to ensure quality and excellence throughout the process.

The PSORIAPIEL SALUD is the international patent holder of the product whose composition is 100% natural and was designed for skin prone to psoriasis. After several years of research we noticed that the properties of the patented formula allows us to treat other skin conditions.

Nature`s Echo Co. is a modern manufacturing site (Medical and pharmaceutical field – Semisolids and liquids) works mainly through contract manufacturing agreements with big customers in Jordan and other countries. The main customer for Nature`s Echo Co. is Kena Roots for topical therapeutics (which is considered as one of the most important manufacturing leader in MENA markets in natural topical therapeutics field). It signed a business contracts with other potential partner customers who have their own markets in Jordan as well as other MENA countries.

Nature`s Echo Co. is a Jordanian, liability limited company registered in ministry of trade and industry, in (14/1/2013) with no. (31070)

ECOSYST- ITALY is an Italian Company manufacturing a plant SHREDDING and Sterilization, fully automated, of the MEDICAL WASTE risk of infection that provides complete environmental safety TODAY and TOMORROW at the most competitive prices, ensuring savings in 5 ways.

The automation reduces the working hours necessary for the handling of hazardous waste compared to other systems. The plant is fully automated and involves the intervention of an operator for the sole loading of waste inside the trolley, subsequently lifted by an electrical system and sent to the loading hopper.

The various steps between the hands of the infected waste, syringes, needles, etc. they can cause unpleasant incidents. The automated lifting and loading system drastically reduces the risk of needles and, above all, avoids contact with organic or liquid substances. The result: less hours lost and more security at lower costs.

Other alternative systems have high and sometimes hidden replacement costs: special bags, chemicals and other supplies available only from authorized dealers. The ECOSYST system does not require special stocks, but is designed so that you can find spare parts anywhere in the world.

The waste from the ECOSYST plant, sterile and reduced in volume in small size, can be easily packaged, stored in temporary storage and sent directly to plants that can use it to produce energy, ie production plants of CDR / CSS which exploit its high calorific value to improve the quality of their fuel.

The plant eliminates the unexpected costs associated with environmental protection regulations. Furthermore, complete protection against the risks of liability that the waste producers face when the disposable container passes from hand to hand in an infectious state is achieved. Above all, the use of the INCINERATOR is avoided by eliminating atmospheric emissions of dangerous and noxious substances deriving from the combustion process