slimming oil

Slimming Oil

Realigns Pharmaceuticals Company Limited is Pioneers in skin care utilizing highest quality plants extracts Slimming Oil (Body Firming Essential Oil ) One of the best product being sold in many countries. Slimming Oil Brand name is Dellameria Body Firming Essential Oil which is 100% safe and Natural of Body massage and external use only. Body Firming Oil is being sold by only few companies in the World which is formulated and certified by Ministry of Health for 100% Safe and Natural.




– BSE/ TSE Certification

Manufacturing in Thailand

How it works?

Dellameria Body Firming Essential Oil for Body shape, helps you to reduce cellulite and burn fat, reduce stretch marks. 100% Safe and Natural (Herbal Extracts)

The feeling of being burnt comes from a chemical contained in chili peppers called Capsaicin. In layman terms, as this extracts enter the body adrenaline is released into blood stream causing the break down of fat to take place in the process. This is exactly how people taking fat loss supplements aid for burning fat.

Just massage around your leg ,arm, belly or anywhere what you want to reduce fat 3-5 minutes every morning and night or any time that you want , do not need to rinse, You will get result in 10-14 days= ½-1 inch. And if you have slimming suit you just massage 2-3 minutes before were slimming suit, Or if you don’t have slimming suit you can wrap around after massage 2-3 minutes by Plastic food wrap about 20-30 minutes you will get result very fast only 5-7 days = ½ -1 inch. And for spa just massage 20-30 minutes by Dellameria Body firming oil; Will get result ½ inch at least.