Natural Dietary Supplement


We are the sole and only company all over internationally producing unique Natural Dietary Supplement based on Pure Fraxinus Manna,
and now we are proposing our Physiomanna line into the worldwide market.
We are an Italian company, with a rich corporate heritage and tradition, but we are full of imagination and we decided to change our course at
key points along the way so that Iuppa could remain competitive and continue to lead its industry. We have been in business for over one
century and during that time have grown from a two-person start-up to a serious corporate.

Our partners and our customers have already confirmed our belief that Iuppa’ s products are exclusively new, exciting, innovative and of
excellent quality.

We are a team of professionals with a proven track record in Italy that has the ability to successfully transform our plan into reality. Iuppa
group absolutely benefits from the experience and expertise of a team of specialists in nutrition and functional professionals, who support the
study, the launch and the products testing, ensuring strict controls, high-quality standards and continuous experimentation.
Our mission is to make the difference in the nutraceutical market, offering natural products with the unique natural botanical nourishment
such as the Manna from Fraxinus Ornus directed for improving and maintaining health and well-being. We want to promote our knowledge
and to give innovative solutions to everyone, even the most delicate people with allergies and diseases.