PPP Investments Terms & Policy

Public-Private-Partnership PPP- Terms & Policy Investments

Our Investment partners/ Foreign Investors only accept Renewable Energy Projects (Wind/Solar Power/ Solar Thermal/ Hybrid/ Biomass) from 100 MW to 10,000 MW, conditions are mention below;

The SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY has to invest to facilitate all supportive facility/documents and governmental approval and any other required/necessary documents/study/certificate/PPA/ all other approvals needed for project implementation or/and requested by
FOREIGN INVESTOR and for starting and continuing the project, additional the SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY confirms his acceptance, ability, and capability to implement the projects and to provide all needed document and study and certificate on time and on their own cost.

SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY confirms his capability to provide the investor with the following documents and data, before signing the agreement in order to allow the FOREIGN INVESTOR evaluate and make all necessary arrangement

1. Tariff

2. Sustainability of the project

3. Feasibility study

4. Due diligence report from lender technical adviser

5. IPP terms and conditions

6. PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

7. Legal issues with owner ( warranties and penalties)

8. Insurance

9. All other Approvals


SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY confirming and assuring that the project is secured 100% and the country regulation is supporting investor to enter the project. the FOREIGN INVESTOR is working as main Investment Partner (he will accept the projects which will let him have the majority of the shares) so the SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY accept to register the partnership project with the investor based on PERCENTAGE % (51% to 98%)

The project must be on Sure and should be clear and clean from fraud and any other illegal actions and the CAD must be signed between the FOREIGN INVESTOR and the SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY before starting the business.

SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY undertake to cover all necessary cost for project approvals and documentation and the FOREIGN INVESTOR will not pay any amount for the procedure and approval of the project or any other amount before signing the CAD


All the development charges/ formalities will be paid by the SPV/ PROJECT COMPANY, FOREIGN INVESTOR will enter with their branch office and investment capital within the country for project execution and implementation after signing partnership deed/CAD (Terms & Conditions applied).


Energy Investments

With energy demands and a desire for energy independence increasing globally, investments in traditional and alternative energy resources are being promoted more often and are becoming attractive to investors. Some examples include wind turbines, solar panels, biodiesel, ethanol, coal, oil,
gas, hydrogen, wave, geothermal, oil sands, and liquefied natural gas. These investments are highly risky and are not appropriate for all investors. It is not unusual for unscrupulous promoters to follow the headlines and take advantage of unsuspecting investors by engaging in fraudulent practices.

Promoters sometimes prey on investors interested in socially responsible products by labeling them as “green energy” investment opportunities. The phrase “green energy” implies that the products are ecologically friendly when in fact the promoters may be operating a fraudulent shell company and not producing anything.

Here we confirmed that, REALIGNS, INC is not providing short-term loan facility by any financial institution, Only providing long-term business partnership for Public/ Private sector for 15 years to 25 years by the renowned World’s top Energy Investment Groups with the involvement of international law and Securities Regulations for the financial securities and Arbitration of both parties.

REALIGNS, INC® will not be involved in any deal or doing any promises without following international laws and Securities Regulations, applying any terms and conditions or signing MOU with both parties or without Conducting own independent research or seek the opinion of a financial professional who is registered with local securities regulator.

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